The mission of CLIAO is to bring up orphaned and needy children by finding ways and means of meeting their spiritual, physical and social needs and reaching out to all the children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The end result is to raise reliable responsible, resourceful and productive citizens through providing and facilitating the education, instruction, training and equipping with skills to the children in a Christian set up.
The objective will be achieved by using various means and ways of reaching out to these children.
• Teaching, counseling and upbringing of children to make them responsible and productive citizens of Uganda.
• Providing and facilitating the education and training of these children in order to equip them with life skills.
• Establishing foster homes for those children who are homeless, currently we have been forced to rent out homes for these children during holiday time as they have nowhere else to go.
• To provide / facilitate health care for the orphans.
• By establishing projects and activities that generate income for the BENEFITS FROM THE SPONSORSHIP FOR THE CHILD
• Sponsorship for School fees and other educational requirements.
• Medical care.
• Clothing
• Subsistence allowance

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