The Lift Up The Banner Ministries International vision began years ago when founder Matthew Kiyega, formerly a street kid on the streets of Kampala Uganda, accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, from there he knew that God loved him and knew him before he was formed his Mother’s womb as quoted from Jeremiah 1:4-5. As a devout Christian, his dream was to make a difference to the lives of children still living on the streets and those living and dying in poverty.

Our mission is evangelism outreach, and we also decided to join efforts, to make a real difference to the disadvantaged communities and more people who need our help and support. Our main goals are empowerment and self sustainability which can be achieved through the following initiatives: educational, healthcare, Agricultural, job creation etc. These initiatives have the potential to make a dramatic difference in the communities

key missions

Life Changing Missions

It’s possible to succeed in life and achieve the impossible in Christ. You can overcome life’s limitation and spiritual restrictions to make a difference.

Matthew says “If Christ is in you, you are doomed for victory.”

Having been a part of this great move of God, comes a huge responsibility to share it.

The Lord spoke to us, “You cannot keep this transformation, unless you’re willing to give it away.”

Matthew feels God wants to transform churches, cities and nations in our generation.


Matthew has shared this message of transformation on some of the largest platforms in Indian churches and city-wide meetings. Whether it’s a city-wide pastors’ meeting, political leaders or marketplace people, the message has found fertile ground in the hearts of men and has been implemented in many cities.


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