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There are so many ways you can get involved with Orphans in Need; from participating in our challenges, becoming a volunteer, organizing a fundraising event, buying a gift through our online shop to making a regular donation online. Whatever the level of participation big or small – we value your contribution and support! By getting involved you can help us raise millions of pounds for orphans worldwide. Our charity wouldn’t raise half as much if it wasn’t for the dedicated supporters, volunteers and fundraisers who raise vast amounts every year.
Alternative ways to get involved
If you cannot spare some time volunteering or financially not able to make a donation then you can always help by following us on our social media pages:
Change life in Africa. Is seeking a group of dedicated volunteers that are led by the Spirit to serve God through this ministry. Many opportunities are available above and beyond financial and prayer support.
CLIA is seeking individual partners to assist with the ministry:
• General Support (One Time or Monthly)
• Orphan Home Construction
• Hospital Construction
• Evangelism and Church Planting
• Monthly Orphan Sponsorship
• General Support donations go to the areas of greatest need.
Please contact us if this volunteer ministry aligns with your passion to serve.
Email us at


Scholastic materials are need to aid in the education of the children. Exercise books, pens and pencils are given to all that are under the support of the ministry.


We equip children with the needed skills to help them in day to day life. Tailoring is key it helps them even mend their own clothes and those of the young ones.


Children need to play as they grow up. we encourage all to participate in games that we have. This Also helps the to be preoccupied and develop their mental capabilities.


Some of the students are under universal primary education, which is a free education provided by the Government. We do support them with scholastic materials and meals since these are not provided.

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